A Few Words About Me

I founded Tinker Surf Company in October 2007 with a vision to share a message of peace, community and respect both for oneself and others by introducing those we meet to a life giving relationship with Jesus Christ. Tinker Surf Company solely exists for the purpose of being a positive influence within the action sports industry through the platform of action sports products that support our core values.

Our success comes as the result of being one company among an industry minority that speaks a positive message of faith and peace instead of the current industry majority message of death, hate, violence, drug abuse, satanic worship and open sexuality. We are continually looking to establish lasting relationships with industry related individuals including participants, spectators, parents, team riders, retailers and other manufacturers. However, we will never compromise our values for the sake of a dollar and we promise to diligently work at bringing light into a very dark industry.

The action sports industry needs companies who offer products that reflect positive values instead of the status quo. There are currently very few of us out there who offer these type of alternative idea products. Many of the "positive" companies that exist tend to remain independent by only offering their products in-house or to a select market. We believe these products need to be exposed to the masses and it is our intention to always bring you the most innovative, most reliable and hottest gear available. The market doesn't need another niche idea, we need a movement, a movement of intentional difference.

If you're not leading the way you're just following the trampled path of the majority. WAKE UP, STEP OUT OF THE BOX and STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE!

Mega Love & Much Peace - Tinker